Our Paul Culligan Pizza League is very popular for our 8 Enders. November 3rd

we had our second 8-Ender of the 2023 Sesaon

Congratulations Erin Pittman, Donna Keys, Stephen Locke, and Paula Glencross.

 2023 8 Ender Pittman






2023 8 Ender

Mike Robinson, Ellen Doody, Ming Szeto


2023 8 ender


 8 Ender for Eric Saulnier Medium

Skip Eric Saulnier

Third Paul Bonazza

Second Rob Fraser

Lead Paula Glencross

8-Ender in our Cole Harbour League FEB. 2019

What is an 8-ender?


Curling Canada defines an eight-ender (8-ender) is an end where all eight stones score for one team; a very rare occurrence. Curling Canada recognizes teams who score eight-enders with pins and certificates.


The Dartmouth Curling Club would like to recognize our members who have achieved this rare occurrence, take a look at the past players who have achieved this rare occurrence.





The team of  lead: Linda Gray, 2nd: Mike Matthews, 3rd: Ruth Dowden and skip: Calvin Nicholson
scored an 8 in the last end of play on Sat. Jan. 7 in the Brightwood League



Skip Louise Browne, 3rd Doug Sameoto, 2nd Will Chisholm, Lead Corrine Burbine

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